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masaru emoto extraterrestre

Have you ever noticed how spending time in a pool or even a nice bath can change your attitude? Even a morning shower can wake you up help you feel alert. Water can also relieve stressful emotions. Consider how a fountain can impart feelings of tranquility in a room.

Not only does water influence our emotions, our emotions also have an effect on water. According to studies conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist, our thoughts and emotions can influence water’s molecular structure.

He analyzed water crystals exposed to thoughts and feelings of love and positive emotions and found them to have beautiful snowflake like structures. In contrast, water crystals influenced by negative thoughts and emotions appeared to have jagged, misshapen and ugly looking shapes.


Now that we understand some of the spiritual aspects of water, how can we use it to help us? Water can be used in a spiritually healing way for body, mind and soul. Here are some ideas to consider in bringing the spiritual power of water into your life.
Use water to help cleanse your aura. When showering or bathing, consciously think about cleansing your aura as you cleanse your body. As you feel the water on your skin, visualize the water vapor moving through the layers of your aura removing any debris or negative energy.
Feel your body an aura’s energy become cleaner, clearer and brighter as the water moves over you. Finally, as the water drains down the tub, give thanks for the cleansing and let the physical and psychic dirt be recycled by Mother Earth. This is a different way of experiencing “cleanliness is next to godliness.”
Use water to lift your spirits. Go out and play in the water in a way that has meaning for you. Whether you go swimming, do water sports, or sit on the beach enjoy the gift of water and be grateful for the pleasure it provides. The same holds true for placing a table top fountain in your home. Even a simple jar of soap and water bubbles can bring feelings of joy.

Use water consciously when drinking it. In conjunction with Dr. Emoto’s discoveries, try infusing your drinking water with love and positive emotions. You can hold your hands around or over a glass of water and think thoughts of gratitude, joy, love and happiness before consuming. Some metaphysical experts also recommend writing these words on your water bottle to infuse it with those vibrations. Experiment and see what works for you.
Water has some powerful properties that go beyond the physical. It really is a sacred gift that we can use in many ways. Hopefully this has inspired you to think about water in a whole new way!